About Us
Pishon Shutters Asia Sdn Bhd formerly known as Asia Pacific Vinyl Shutters SB, is a company that provide the most advanced, functional and unequalled shutter. Vinyl Shutter is functional and its design is maintaining traditional shutter style.

“Time Honoured Look” is our main focus. Shutters have been used as an adjustable window covering for centuries. It can keep your home look clean and multiple functions. One of the functions is more flexible to adjust the penetration of light from entering your room. Shutters can be dressing with valances, drapes or any other decor.

At Pishon Shutters, we have the advanced art production facility. From shutter manufacturing, craftsman production to mass production, we strive to provide the best products that meet customers requirements for volume, quality, competitive pricing, fast delivery and customer satisfaction.

Our computer - controlled process allows us to produce a high volume of shutter every day.

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